Video Conferences [launching soon]

Invitation to join revival leaders from around the world each month during our live video conference featuring Jeff Jansen, leaders of Global Connect and anointed guest speakers. You are encouraged to chat and build life long connections with other ministries from across the world.

Regional Gatherings

Global Connect provides the opportunity to connect with Global Connect leaders and other revival leaders from your part of the world through regional meetings and gatherings.


Global Connect offers the resources to equip and train you to impact your community and the world:

Monthly e-newsletter with teaching via podcast.

10% discount on all products and teachings from Global Fire Ministries

Free registration for senior leaders and spouses at all Global Fire Conferences.

Short-term missions opportunities with Global Fire Ministries

Apostolic Care and Ministerial Encouragement

It is the call of Global Connect to help revival leaders grow personally and individually as well as uplift, strengthen and fortify their corporate churches.

We offer Small group gatherings during conferences and retreats featuring personal impartation with the leadership team of Global Connect.

We also provide visitation and meetings at your location with leadership of Global Connect when practical.

There is Apostolic care and ministerial encouragement for revival leaders when needed.